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Pioneers of Umenoyado

Making Sake means passing Japanese culture. Let us introduce our company policy.


Leaders of Sake production

We utilize science in Sake making. Umenoyado is a brewery that is full of dreams.

Production department, Sake production section
Tsukasa Sugino

I was studying yeast cell mechanism in Science department at Kumamoto University. I was studying for phD however I found Umenoyado and thought I could use my skill.

After learning about sales in the training period, I was assigned to the brewery. I am the least experienced in Umenoyado’s brewery however, I would like to bring my ideas from my knowledge. It’s only a year since I joined Umenoyado,but I feel like I found a lifework.

Umenoyado’s young craftsmen make a Sake called UK-01 every year. This Sake cannot be sold without a chief brewer’s permittion so everyone works very hard. But we have obtained the permittion in 2013 and made it to the sale. As I watched every step of it, I started researching what attracts young customer’s attention and what is needed for creating new Sake that is modern. I would like to learn more knowledge and skills so I can call myself a brewer condidently.

One of great things about the company is not only the good Sake but the goodness of atmosphere in the brewery. We have dinner party every week where I can listen to chief’s great stories. Chief and seniors make it so easy for people to attend these parties which creates great communication at work. I don’t think I could have such great experience if I worked other places.

I found out about Umenoyado when I first tried its liquor in university. But as I learned about Sake, I fell in love with the deep taste of pure brew. Good scent and sweetness of Sake make you want to drink again. By installing the latest science technology in the traditional Sake brewing, it may be possible to increase efficiency so more people will be able to enjoy our Sake. This could lead to making the “new Sake culture”.

I enjoy watching Umenoyado spread in overseas too. I would like more people in overseas to try Umenoyado’s Sake. I’m excited to see what lies ahead in the future.