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Pioneers of Umenoyado

Making Sake means passing Japanese culture. Let us introduce our company policy.


Leaders of Sake production

Flavour, quality and quantity. Never willing to compromise, which leads to the next step.


Production management department and Product development department, Liquor section.
Shinpei Harino

I’m in charge of all of Umenoyado’s liquore management and development. For the management part, not only I procure primary ingredients and manage schedules, I also negotiate with suppliers. I work on the research of developing new products as well.

I believe making delicious liquor is essential. Most of liquor companies attach importance to costs and selling prices, Umenoyado value the goodness of ingredients. Therefore procuring the primary ingredients is one of the most important jobs. Negotiation process starts more than 1 year before the ingredients are preserved. I make sure the company secures enough ingredients so we can provide stable flavor and quantity for people all over Japan and overseas.

Umenoyado’s originality lies on this good made in Japan quality and plenty of ingredients to create great flavor. Since our liqour has become popular,we would like to produce more however we cannot lower the quality of the ingredients just for mass production.

My job is also to manage after shipping. In order to do this we take precise data every month from bottled products as storage conditions differ in places. Therefore we would like to try to deliver our flavor as fresh as possible to every customer.

Having the right balance of Sake and brewing alcohol is also important. Our soft and delicous liquor is made by the right amount of Sake and brewing alcohol because Sake could be too strong if used solely.

Our sake based liqour has been leading the market. But the market has started to change. What is wanted next is a kind of liquor that is not suitable for all yet new and original. Whether we can produce such products or not will be our biggest task for the future. It will be all up to the customers. Therefore we will not give up trying. The fun in challeging and being creative drives me and the company.