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Pioneers of Umenoyado

Making Sake means passing Japanese culture. Let us introduce our company policy.


Leaders of Sake production

We never overlook even the tiniest scratch on the caps. We take pride in product management.


Product management department Shipping section.
Kunio Hayakawa

Umenoyado’s product management department cosists of shipping, bottling, stock quality and material procurement sections. Every people who work in the department put their great effort to keep the quality of Sake so it can be delivered to customers at its best condition. Shipping section is responsible from labeling bottles to shipment.

My job starts from preparing labels. Some labels are put by machines and some are put by hands. Products like “Fu-ka” which are stored at controlled freezing point form condensation so extra attention needs to be paid when labels are put. Bottle inspections are done while putting on labels so we don’t miss any small scratches.

What I pay attention to the most is Sake that is inside the bottle. Making sure it will be stored in appropriate temperature and wii not go under any lights maintain the quality of Sake.
The final product represents Umenoyado so I always check if labels are put beautifully and bottles and caps are in good shapes. There are more than dozens of kinds of labels so we take pictures of every labels. The cap that goes on Sake bottles are fragile but if there are any scratches or dents, it will lower the value of products. Product management department does not let ship products that aren’t beautiful so inspections are done very carefully.

Umenoyado ships orders that come in before 11am on the same day. Sometimes only little time is allowed for the inspection however, it is essential to notice any abnormality before the shipping. I believe that perfection needs to be delivered in this department. But I would like to do my job little more than perfect.
My understanding of creating new Sake culture is to make Sake normal to be stored at home just like every home has beers. I would like to make an environment where everyone is familiar with Sake. It’d be the best if that Sake is our product.

I have studied food engineering in university. I thought about taking researching job but I am happy with what I do in the department. I am good at paying attention to details so I would like to be like a foundation that supports Umenoyado