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Pioneers of Umenoyado

Making Sake means passing Japanese culture. Let us introduce our company policy.


Women that supports Umenoyado.

I’m spreading Umenoyado’s appeal all over the world using 3 languages.


Overseas sales department. Aya Chen

I have studied Japanese in university in Taiwan and initially came to Japan for 6 months. After working in IT company in Taipei, I moved to Japan in September 2014. In 2016, I found out that Umenoyado was hiring through Facebook’s “move to Nara” campaign. I actually worked as Sake navigator in 2012 and gained Sake tasting qualification in 2013 while I was in Taiwan. So I wanted to use my knowledge of Sake. I have been working in Umenoyado since July. To tell the truth, I did not think a foreigner like me would be able to work as I thought Japanese Sake industry was quite conservative. Umenoyado has shown me “the brewery that creates new Sake culture”. Since I speak Chinese,English and Japanese, I work as a navigator of the brewery for foreign customers. At the same time, I work as a sales staff at pop-up stores in airports and other shops.

I always try new products myself and research what food goes well with the Sake. I also try to find the best way to enjoy Sake by testing hot and cold. It is because I would like to recommend what I sell with confidence.

Now Sake is becoming popular in overseas so shops in airports welcome many customers. This experience helped me realised Umenoyado needed to boost their promotions towards overseas. The product that catches foreigners’ eyes is usually well-known brands’ Sake. Umenoyado’s Yuzu is popular however it is unfortunate that Sake is less popular. I believe it is my job to increase the recognition of Umenoyado’s Sake and spread its attraction.

What I think the most important is the spirit of hospitality. So I always try to drink with customers. Once we share the love of Umenoyado’s Sake, communication becomes smooth. I always want the customer to taste our Sake first. And I try to convey my passion. I am constantly conscious about what I can do for “customer’s smiles”.

What I should do in Umenoyado is to contribute more than expectations. I would like to please the company that hired me and to spread this great charm of Umenoyado to overseas.

Please feel free to talk to me if you see me at airports.