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Making Sake means passing Japanese culture. Let us introduce our company policy.


Women that supports Umenoyado.

I want to be a mother-like figure in this company.


General Affairs Division Midori Kori

I have studied social welfare in univeristy and have experienced working in Auto dealers and major construction company. After marrying and giving birth, I started working fulltime in Umenoyado after 2 years of part time work.

When I was working part time, I was in accounting department. Accounting work requires accuracy. I checked payments and sent over 800 invoices, but I was secretly wondering and figuring out better ways to handle the system. I was kind of holding back my honest thoughts when I was part time, but after becoming full time I was able to express my ideas openly.

I was almost most of young staffs’ mother’s age when I entered Umenoyado but the company accepted me in every way. There is always someone who answers and helps you. And most importantly, the company listens to every staffs’ idea and tries to form the idea into effect. I also feel that this company makes mothers feel very comfortable to work. There are also events for women which are made by women so it is very exciting.

I now work in general affair division as well being a member of cost accounting project. Cost accounting requires understanding brewery’s purchasing and flow of receiving rice which is a base of Sake. Sometimes there are things that only people in the brewery can understand but I give feedback to the project using the experience of working in the accounting department. At the same time, I could realise that there are diffirent prospectives from men and women while working in general affairs division. I would like to be someone who can tackle any tasks with diversified view. I was a little anxious of learning new things but everyone around me helped me want to challenge.

Umenoyado’s recognition was increased by their liquor sales and it is still growing. Sometimes people change and the atmosphere within the office change,but it is natural during the process of growth. What I can do is to notice little changes and support everything and everyone in the company. I would like to create comfortable environment for people to work in. It will be nice one day young staff will think of me like a “mother” in the company.