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Pioneers of Umenoyado

Making Sake means passing Japanese culture. Let us introduce our company policy.


Women that supports Umenoyado.

I want to make Umenoyado where all the employees feel proud of being a part of this team.


Strategy promotion department chief
Kazuko Fukuyama

I was promoted to a chief of product management and strategy promotion department in April 2016 which was a first for a female in the company. I was a little anxious at first but I have decided to accpet the role to be a leader for all women in the company. Therefore my main role is to train people. I believe that a chief needs to be able to think like an owner.After being a manager and other several positions, I am able to understand not only the owner’s but staff’s feelings. Therefore, I believe that it is important for me to support all staff from every department so they can work in their best.

On the other hand, my another role is to put ideas into effects. My current project is a general promotion of Umenoyado. For example, I had formed a team from different departments for “Aragoshi” series’ 10 year anniversary project. Creating a special website and give-away project for customers with over a year of planning, it became possible for sales and recognition increase. however, our purpose is not always to increase the sales. It is important for all the employees to be proud of working in Umenoyado by promotiong several projetcs.

Umenoyado will keep taking on challenges. Management team is able to share the excitement of new challenges with emplyees however, it is difficult to share the same excitement with customers. So I think it is important for me to create such opportunities and to plan ahead for the company at the same time.

When I came to Umenoyado, the company’s revenue was 300 million yen but it increased to 2.1 billion yen in ten years. As I watched company grow so closely, I feel that Umenoyado is stepping up to the next stage. I want to make this company where all the employees feel proud to work for. I’m sometimes surprised with myself that i’m constantly wanting to be more than what the president expects. I feel I became good at relying on people especially after being a chief. That is all because I trust all the staff and I love Umenoyado. I enjoy working in Umenoyado being a leader but sometimes being a follower to make a great teamwork.

I feel more responsible for my work especially after giving birth twice. I can now show others that work can be fulfilling when you have something or someone you want to protect. I would like to see more women shine in this company.